DmC: 20 screencaps per mission - "5. VIRILITY"

I am still doing this!! i just keep forgetting and then it takes me FIVE EVER to sort through my Steam screenshots :I

DmC: 20 screencaps per mission - "4. UNDER WATCH"

this game makes for the best screenshots i s2g

DmC: 20 screencaps per mission - "3. BLOODLINE"

nephiLTWIN FEELS!!!! these boys are my BABES ;^;

lots of stunning graffiti in this level eeeee~ makes up for no limbo saturated gorgeousness!

DmC: 20 screencaps per mission - "2. HOME TRUTHS"

so this mission was like 350 screencaps jfc this game is TOO GORGEOUS ):

i find it really difficult to pick screenshots ughhhh there were so many more i wanted to include!!!

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Hey! I saw that you've been taking caps of the game, is there any way you'd be willing to share them? I have the game on my PS3, but not a PC version, so I'm kind of at a loss for them. It would be much appreciated! <3

Ah! I am not sure how i would share huge batches of photos (i’ve only gone through the first 2 missions seriously taking caps, and already have 500-600!!)

but if anyone could point me in the direction of some sort of service i would be more than happy to dump them all for you!!

DmC: 20 screencaps per mission - "1. FOUND"

i took (according to steam) 205 screenshots on this first mission so HMMMM this will be lots of fun for my hard drive :I

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Oh, could I request some Dante x Kat? I’d prefer an edit, but really I’m not fussy. Either or is fine with me. <3 Thank you!
I’m sorry, I don’t really ship these guys so it might have come out a little friendshippy instead??? but I TRIED!!! 
also please excuse the shitty quality of these caps, my PC version is preloading AS WE SPEAK so i will have HQ EVERYTHING dreamy sigh

aaah also 100 followers on my crappy sideblog?? you guys are the everloving BEST!!!

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just to let you guys know i’m open for DmC edit/gif requests, if anyone’s interested!

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i like it when you do that stuff to me

PC release is SO SOON! then i can take my own super high quality videos and screenshots!
i had a wild idea of starting streaming it but then i realised no one wants to watch me swear as i fall down holes for hours ;) 

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i made myself some super simple iphone wallpapers maybe you guys might want them too? if you click on them they should be the proper size! (: